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Innovation has made ISCAR the great metalworking company that it is today. But metalworking innovation would not be possible without a total commitment to research and development and ISCAR devotes approximately 6% of its total resources to R&D activities. At ISCAR, creativity is a way of life.

Each new product begins as an idea in an engineer’s mind. The image is entered into a computer aided design/machining (CAD/CAM) program. A prototype is produced and goes through exhaustive analyses. Repeated refinements, analyses, and testing continue until the desired results are achieved. Only after this extensive development and testing sequence can the new idea move from the prototype phase to development for manufacturing.

ISCAR innovations are not limited to new metalworking products. More efficient and cost-effective manufacturing procedures and processes are constantly being tested, evaluated, and implemented. Improvements in computerization, data flow, quality assurance, employee safety, and environmental protection are all a part of the ISCAR philosophy. ISCAR is truly a company where innovation never stops.

Manufacturing Facilities


From designer to production line, ISCAR's sophisticated Direct Numerical Control (DNC) computerized system provides direct control to the fully automatic CNC milling and turning machines. Around the clock, the army of ISCAR machines turns out cutting inserts and holders exactly as specified and in exact quantities according to design and orders. These production facilities are versatile and flexible. Within hours, completely different tools can be put into production. During customer seminars ISCAR has demonstrated production skill and flexibility by challenging participants to request a completely new tool. Later that same day, the new product is in the participant's hand.

Precision and cleanliness are as much a part of ISCAR's operational policy as they are an integral part of each ISCAR insert. The production floors of ISCAR facilities are spotless. Pick-and-place robots quietly move to and fro, moving inserts to stacking trays. Pallets of trays are ferried between facilities by Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV's) that travel on magnetically marked pathways. Their destinations are remote-controlled by the central production computer. The manufacturing system is also designed to promptly handle special orders and quick turn-around, providing customers with an endless supply of first-class products.



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